St. Luke's Wealthcare

Hospital executives at St. Luke’s and elsewhere are pushing a corporate model of healthcare in the Northland[1] that drives up costs for patients to serve the company’s bottom line. To ensure Minnesotans receive affordable, quality healthcare, executives at organizations like St. Luke’s need to be held accountable to put patients before profits.

Take a look at the numbers below and ask yourself: is this the right priority for healthcare in Minnesota?

Eric Lohn

Co-president/ceo & chief financial officer





Pay compared

 to avg RN



Nicholas Van Deelen, MD

Co-president/ceo & chief medical officer

*Total compensation currently unknown.*

Former CEOs

John Strange

*Left abruptly in Feb. 2019*





Kevin Nokels

*Aug. 2019-Dec. 2020*





Combined former CEO salaries compared

 to average RN


A Record of Putting Profits Before Patients

How St. Luke's Spends Its Money

St. Luke's by the Numbers

St. Luke's Priorities


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